Your vehicle personal assistant is here.

Motogangan lets you request roadside assistance with reminder on important dates. Motogangan can also help you capture all the information you need during vehicle inspection.

About Motogangan

Motogangan is your vehicle personal assistant

RoadSide assistance

Request for roadside assistance as well as other services pertailing to vehicle maintenance.


Get timely reminders before important dates such as license/insurance expiry or oil change due dates.

Gangan Help

With the gangan help button, you can be sure to get the fastest response during an emergency.

Our services

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Motogangan is your friend in need

With Motogangan, you can add all your vehicles in one place and let us worry about the common things. When you add your vehicle to Motogangan, the following are the features you will enjoy:

  1. Request for several services from anywhere and our engineers will come over to deliver the service
  2. Get reminders when insurance or licence is about to expire for any of your vehicle
  3. Get reminders whenever your vehicle is almost due for oil change
  4. Quick emergency response via the Gangan Help button.

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